Take a look at my carb


This is the first time I've taken apart my carb, and I would like to know if my float level looks OK. I tilted it until the float stopped, and then took this pic. The larger pics take a while to load, but they are hi-res.

Also, does anyone have a 40, 50, or 60 leak jet? I will buy it. However, I will need it by Friday. If you have one, please email me (nklase@yahoo.com).



Hi Nick,

It looks good from what I can see. Holding the carb at an angle so it's just touching the spring loaded pin inside the float needle, the height of the float is supposed to be 8mm from the bottom of the carb body to the top of the float. If your picture was taken with the carb tilted thusly, it looks very close. If the carb was not tilted and there was more pressure on the spring loaded pin, then the height may not be right, and is probably wrong.

The key is tilting the carb sideways, then slowly moving it closer to completely upside down, but stopping the tilt when the float just touches the pin. If you continue to tilt it closer to completely upside down, the float will compress the pin into the float needle and throw your setting off.

Any questions, PM me.

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