New pipe

Hey guys! I just got a new FMF powercore 4 for my 09 WR, I got to tell you what a difference that pipe makes! I can really feel the power gains thru out! My question is, I got the GYTR AIS removal kit, I think it comes with a 50 pilot jet, I have read on here people are going with something lie a 45 or 48, I got all three, which one should I use!

Oh yea, the pipe is not too loud, Its louder than stock, but not to crazy loud! I like it!!!!!



Probably a 48 pilot and 168-170 main(I think the 175 is kind of fat with the kit) and 4th-5th clip from the top on the needle depending on your elevation in Oklahoma there. If you're above 3000 feet, maybe the 45 pilot. Bike should be running the best at idle with 1 1/2 to 2 turns out on the fuel screw with the correct pilot.

Oh yeah, looks good! :doh:

Thank you, I will be doing that tonite! My first time, i hope I dont have any problems..

Hi, great looking and sounding pipe, I have the same setup, I'd remove the fancy stickers coz they'll be fried brown soon, if you want to check what loud means try removing the quite insert at the back - makes it a shocker

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