Suzuki-Buy 1get1FREE-DRZ400

Well anyone buying one and wanting to sell a JR50 really cheap let me know :)

How much does a JR50 cost? Think they'd just take that cost off a new bike if you didn't want the 50?

Buy ten and you would have a herd! :) What a deal!

I doubt it's a great deal. Buying bikes from the Az. motorsports group is worse than buying a new car. Salesmen tell you anything to get you in the store. They refused to give me an OTD price on my DRZ and insisted I come in. I wanted to just buy a bike over the phone and they refused. I live 100 mi. away from Phx. Sure enough, I wast an afternoon and go down and they lay on the BS. They routinely advertise DRZ's at rock bottom prices and then stick you with $750 "setup" and 500 "shipping." I will go to great lengths to buy from someone else, anyone else.

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