Crazy computer

This thing is driving me nuts. The first 2 months the computer was great, then it went nuts. It would not come on at all, then it would come on while it was sitting in the garage. It would stay on all day. I have replaced replaced the battery 3 times. I have cleaned the connections, checked the magnet position, checked the wires nothing makes any difference. It was working as I put it in the trailer and headed up to Gorman, then as I rolled it out at the campground it stopped. Four days of ridding I get home and it comes on! I finnaly had it and today I took it off when I was adjusting my valves (thanks Jeb for the instructions). I was deciding what to do with it and thought I'll put in a new battery just for giggles, guess what it worked, but as I played with it I noticed the tire number had changer to 505 and my mileage went from 396 to 80,396. I went into set up and changed the number back (what a pain)and everything is working now. Should I put it back on the bike or chuck it? Anyone had this happen to them?

Took me a while to figure out you're talking about the electonic odo! :)

Mine only gave me those kind of problems when it had a broken sensor (twice). I replaced and moved the sensor further up on the caliper carrier which fixed the broken sensor problem. They were not broken off, just lightly cracked.

Mine still proved to be flaky, though. It'd reset the mileage on almost every ride. I finally replaced it with a Trailtech Endurance and trailtech bar riser/guard. Much more reliable and problem free so far. I'll put the stocker back on when I get rid of the bike.

I use a $9.99 bike speedometer. Works great!

Hi Jeb,

Exactly how did you reposition your sensor? I'm experiencing this gremlin myself now. I'm willing to try anything at this point. What a bummer! Thank you!

525 EXCG

Those sensors are nothing more than a normally open (NO) switch you can buy at a security store for house alarm products. Its only got one job in life, to close when the magnet passes for the computer to record the moment. If its a spendy computer you can replace the sensor.

I run a bicycle speedometer, the wires were so small I broke open the epoxy base and soldered 18 ga wire on it to make it easy to solder on the sensor wires and recast the epoxy.

There's not much to go wrong, the bike speedos probably have the same guts as the spendy ones. Its mostly preference and buying a 'water resistive' unit.

I just drilled and tapped another hole further up the caliper carrier, about midway between the two bolts that hold the caliper on. I put it at a very small angle towards the back of the bike so it would fit. I've not had a problem since.

I was at my local KTM dealer yesterday, and I noticed that Enduro Engineering has an aluminum case/mounting kit for '03 trip computer's. It looked OK, and might not be a bad idea. It would protect the computer from getting hit, and it looks like a better mounting set-up than OEM. Retail price on it was $ 99.99 CDN.

I saw that, too, Squid. Nice looking piece but I decided that since mine was flaky anyway, I was better off putting the money into a Trailtech.

Thank you so much, Jeb!

My sensor was cracked inside. Couldn't see it right away. New sensor and I'm good to go. Relocating sensor and front rotor cover sounds like a helpful solution to this common problem. Cheaper than buying new sensors every 2 months. Retrospectively, it seems that the sensor is the weak link in the computerized KTM odometer. I'm so glad its not the computer itself. Heard its about $600. Ouch!

Any tips on which brand of front rotor disk cover to buy for my 525 EXCG?

I've been using the eline CF guard. That's was the sturdiest by far until recently and they work well. However, they eventually wear out from the side if you ride in much rocks, mud or ruts. For about the same money, you can get the two piece aluminum work of art from Topar Racing. That will be my next one. The only drawback to it compared to the eline is that mud will have an easier time getting into your rotor.

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