Dirtbike mag;Yamaha should look to Austria

Anyone read the new dirtbike article on 03 wr 450? I new they would have nothing but praise for the Yamaha and was wondering if I should have waited for the Yamaha to come out since I really liked my 02 wr 250. I felt a lot better after reading the article since it seems to imply that the exc 450 is the bench mark for off road motorcycles to shoot for. Next month the big offroad shootout, I cant wait.

I really love my ktm but I seem to feel like the cockpit is big for me. The bars seem to pull me forward too far and the pegs feel too far back so I feel like I’m on a dragbike most of the time. I already rotated the bars as far back as possible and adjusted the bar mounts as far back as possible.I don’t know which other bend to try and don’t want to waste more money. (We have five motorcycles in the family;lots of accessories and maintenance$$$)Also don’t want to make changes that will affect turning or handling

Any body have ideas for a Texas shorty?

Arnie Tex

Arnie,my vertically challenged comrade I think your problem or at least some of it is from those bars.Yea a real nice bar but why did they switch from the maguras from 02.My 02 sx has IMO the best all-around dimensions for a wide variety of riders..I rode my brothers 525 back to back with mine and I felt that drag bike feel you were talking about..I think you can still get last years bend sx bar out of the hard parts cat.Good luck!! :)

I have a 02 sx Magura bar in perfect condition if anyone is interested.


My bike already came with the magura bars. Does magura make a diffrent bend or height or do I have to go with a diffrent brand?

Check out the 03 Husaberg's 400cc enduro bars, they are Magura's and are taller and with a nice bend, they are what I am after for my 450 EXC. :)

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