frame gards

Help!!! i ordered frame gards from my local dealer a week ago and today he tells me he can't supply. I'm more than a little P.O. My first race is on the weekend and i don't want to scratch up my new 450. any suggestions????

I used the yz works connection guards.But if you cant get those for a weekend i wrapped the frame in duct tape then put some thin cardboard over that and duct taped it again.Looks cheesey but it worked and kept my frame looking pretty till i got the guards. :)

But if you cant get those for a weekend

My dealer had 1 set sitting on the shelf for a YZ and now there on my new WR. :D Just may be a case of being in the right place at the right time. :)

03 WR450FR-Grey wire mod.,Works connection frame guards,Pro Taper bars,C.F front & rear disc guards,C.F rear caliper guard

Try to get hold of some of that thick, clear adhesive contact vinyl stuff that is made for frame protection. It's pretty common on the CR aluminum frame.

Or, you could use a couple layers of number plate backing material. A shop here in Denver sells it by the sheet for a couple bucks.

I did the duct tape thing on my WR250. Oh boy, what a mistake. When I peeled the tape off I also peeled off a bunch of Yamaha blue paint. Especially around the welds.

Yamaha paint looks great but is very fragile. Just like their plastic.

Do the Works Connection gaurds allow access to the airbox?

I Zip tied an old piece of tube to my frame and it held for 2 rides until my frame guards arrived.

It looks damn ugly but worked as a temp solution

Thanks I'll go get some clear cover from trim line.

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