Phantom Scrambles Hollister, CA

Im racing in the Phantom Scrambles hare scramble this Sunday (March 16) at Hollister. Anyone else going?

It's going to be a muddy mess this week end. There talking about rain Thursday-Sunday. I did the Wild Bore Enduro last week end so I'll have to pass. :)

Was going untill I watched the weather. Was going to Pit for my neighbor. Screw the rain Im going to the movies. Im ready for Summer! :)

Might have a muddy mess on your hands, but take some pics anyway... :)

I heard 2-4 feet of snow thur night to early sun for Tahoe... :D

All this coming even though it stayed 72 in the valley today... :D

Now that I'm rested I started thinking about it. If it doesn't rain too much I might go. I'll ride the "C" class anyway. This will be my first Hare Scrambles so if I go I'll just be going for fun.

Weather so far has been not what is predicted. I live in Hollister No rain so far just north of us.

Blue One dp400 (possibly) and I will be there unless its a down pour on Sunday. Riding the Senior Class.

Some of us will be riding the Senior Class.Others just the 4 strke class.

Should be fun unless is starts coming down.I'll be down there no matter what at least i can ride in the hills. :)

New weather report says cloudy for sunday :)

EGO, Blue One,

Howz the weather holding up?

Mark Bailey

So...did any of you make the race? Im a Ghostriders MC member and Im looking for feedback! Anyone know of any other BBS sites for D36 racing discussions? Thanks!

I was at the HS until the down pour. I left at 10:30 or there abouts. To me the Track was perfect until it started raining. I wathched the A & B riders have a mud fest.

I wanted to ride, but the rain and mud was not my idea of fun. Been there did that years ago. I decided I had a warm fire and two hot babes waiting at home for me so I went Home and enjoyed Movies with My daughter and wife.

I will hand it to you guys you put on a good show, the track was well prepped the area well setup and orginized. Sound Chks went fast and the Ranger I know from riding Hollister Hills. Unfortunatly the Rain ended my day Bummer.

I got 32 out of 33 with out even riding Dang Im fast.

My Buddy Blue One rode the 4strk class had a blast for one lap.

Any chance of me getting my Entry Back :) Just kidding you all did a great job hats off to Ghostriders mc maybe next year

Ya missed it! The rain stopped and the sun came out. Except for the 23,000 cubic yards of mud, the course was good. :D

The starting area had 8" of mud that was very similar to wet cement. Some riders let the mud hold up their bikes without using the kickstand! :D We only had a few hundred yards and about 6 turns filled with this deep muck to ride through. It killed me on each lap. :D

The course was fast on the firetrails, rideable on the regular trails and either a rut ride in mud or a jamfest on the single tracks.

Each lap had the "parade of shame" where I'd ride across the MX track like someone who had just bought his first bike and didn't know how to ride. My feet spent more time in the mud than on the pegs. :)

Overall, the mud kept us slow and I did survive. :D Some complained the race was shortened from 1-1/2 hours to one hour. I say if you rode as slow as I did, 2 laps almost took 1-1/2 hours. I think it was fun or maybe I hit my head on one of those falls. I finished #129 in C class. Washing the bike was a PITA.

I raced the "C" 4 stroke too. The start was a shock when the wall of mud hit me. Next time i'll keep my mouth closed. :D Even thou I couldn't see I was doing good until we got to the first steep hill climb and the trafic was backed up with two smokers all over the trail. I went around but got stuck at the top with the front wheel on the trail and the rear in a ditch. I had to drop the bike and drag it out. By the time I made it to the top I had to rest.

I made it around twice and Kevin was right about the Parade of Shame. Riding a 280lb motorcycle with 80lbs of mud in 8" of crap sure made it hard to look like a pro. I was lucky I didn't drop the bike. I took 11th in the 4 stroke class and 122nd over all. :) Now I know why I like the desert.

Thanks for the feedback...the rain on Sunday killed us...just like last year. It really bites to spend 6 weeks laying out the course, only to have to scramble to change it due to the (what seemed like 6") rain. The District shortened the C race to 1 hour. We had no control over that. We got behind with some hurt A/B riders, and mostly, re-routing the course for the C riders. We basically re-routed in 2 hours what took 6 weeks to lay out!! So far, everyone I've talked to liked the course, with the MX track being the worst part. I watched a few guys faceplant in the Parade of Shame! I remember racing the Cowpuncher years ago and that damn starting line was the same condition with the mud over your axles!! I watched guys ahead of me smoking their clutches before they even made the first corner. I think on my 2nd lap, I cut through the pits to avoid all that slop!! Unfortunately, we cant control the weather. Even so, we had roughly 500 riders! Hopefully, you all had a good time and will come back next year!

i rode the c class too.It was fun but defiantly a mudfest.I kinda halfassed it after i had to ride through a 2-smoke junkyard on a hill.Only did one lap placed 182 overall.Oh well next time i'll be more into it and more agressive.I started warming up at mile 8 got to the mx track and it was checkered already.I didn't know an hour went so quickly. :) I think next time i'll ride around alittle bit to warm up that way when it's time to ride i'm already in a groove. :D

Here are some pics of my bike afterwards. Click me

Hey Kev XR..was that you with the fender stickers??

Sorry, that wasn't me.

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