I'm looking for some no fog goggles with plenty of air flow. I currently have Oakley "O" and "Pro" frame goggles, and use a Smith No Fog cloth (which works pretty good) but results could be better. On the track I don't having a fogging problem, it's just when riding tight woods. Any suggestions?

before applying the no fog cloth, breath in on the inside of the goggle lense, it fills the pores in the material with moisture and allows the no fog to penetrate properly...also, make sure your straps arent so tight that they are just squashing the crap outta the foam...it is meant to breath too...apart from that...is there any room in your helmet...is your helmet vented...can you go faster...DINGA

I do breathe on the inside of the lense before wiping it down with the No Fog Cloth. I repeat the process until the lense doesn't fog. I have a couple Arai VX-Pro helmets, which have 3 intake vents and 4 exhaust vents. Like I said, fogging isn't a problem on the track, it's only on slow, tight trails.

Oakley has replacement dual paned lenses for their goggles. I replaced my original single lense and the results are great. Also once you install the dual lense, when riding, limit how often you take off the goggles. They work best if you keep them on.

I have the Pro Grips and they are totally Anti-Fog. I also have the Scotts, and they start to fog when they see me putting them on, I hate them, even when I use the no fog cloth.

The Pro Grips are coated with something and it works, they also have tabs for tear offs, anti glare, and light sensitive. Air flow seems to be good, If I get to much air my contacts get dry :). Oh yea, they have the best foam on the market, the foam has a felt like layer where it contacts your face.

Pretty much the Pro Grip Goggles offer everything, well worth it. Check them out here ----> Pro Grip Anti Fog Goggles

Hey DINGA,Yea like chazlom said the pro-grip anti foggers are the way to go and get the light sensitive..Don't you know not to squeeze the crap out of them it gives you a good seal around your forehead...Leave the crap in!!!LOL I think its Chads turn next round !! :)

I run Spy Alloy goggles with the anti fog lenses. The lenses are four dollars more a piece than the regulare ones, but I think they are worth it.

I wear glasses under my goggles, so I fog up quite often. It's usually not a problem unless it's particularly humid out, or raining.

For slow trail riding, I use the wrap around safety glasses like riflemen (is that a word?) use. You can get them in the gun section of sporting goods stores.

For tracks, when I have to deal with roost, I've drilled a bunch of small holes in the top of an old lens, and glued a thin layer of open cell foam (like the works foam you get for skidplates) on the backside to stop dirt from entering. Seems to work ok. I've tried my snowboarding goggles, but they fog up too. The secret is getting enough air flow to wick away the moisture.

If you're sweating a lot, and that's dripping down into your goggles, you can try the jimi cap in the TT store. I went with a cheaper approach and use a Brow-Dri ( I think that's what its called). It's made for construction workers, and is just a long thin sponge attached to an elastic strap. You get a bag of 50 for about $10 and you can use them over and over.

Pro Grip all the way!

I would go with the Pro Grip goggles w/ the light sensitive lenses. They are the best pair of goggles I've ever owned.

Thanks for the info guys. I'm gonna go with the Pro Grips. I was considering buying some Oakley Enduro lenses for my O Frame and Pro Frames, but I can't find anyone that sells them individually. Seems they are only sold in 5 packs, and sell for $85.00!! :)

Does Pro Grip make an over the glasses model?

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