Stator / Rectifier / Fan Wiring

Ok, so I have a new lighting stator from ElectrexWorld installed on my '09 450. Not going to run lighting, but will be installing a cooling fan. Need to make sure I've got the wiring correct first... I picked up a regulator/rectifier from Trail Tech, however it has two yellow wires which are supposed to be run to the stator, but the stator only has one yellow wire. Should I leave one off or connect both to the single, yellow stator wire?

Also, Trail Tech says not to connect the black wire to frame ground, but to connect it to a "floating ground". Do I need to tap into the ground on the harness that comes out of my stator (which connects to my bike's CDI) or just simply connect it to the negative terminal of the cooling fan?

Thanks for your help, guys!

You can't go by the wire color when the products come from two different manufacturers. You also cannot connect any part of either your new lighting coil circuit, or the DC circuit that comes from the rectifier to either the frame ground or any ground lead in the YZ wiring harness. Your added on electrical circuits, including the fan ground, will have to be kept separate and isolated from the AC system that operates the YZ ignition.

Ok, I get it..... Attaching the rectifier or fan ground to the wiring harness ground would cross the AC and DC grounds. Makes total sense now. I'm thinking the easiest thing would be to just add a battery or capacitor and connect DC ground to that... Wouldn't that do the trick?

That should. Just keep the circuits apart from one another.

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