DRZ ABUSED! Anyone know this guy!

Anytime you think you are a not so good rider, just think of this article and you'll feel like a million bucks!!

Feel really sorry for the bike though...makes me want to go wax mine or something... Andrew


Heheh, that's well written. It makes ya feel better huh :) Not that I'd do better, but I might not do worse

I don't know sounds like a pretty normal day out on the bike to me :) only I tend to do a bit a damage to myself usualy :D,Even dowm to our last ride last Wednesday no stacks but I managed to get biten by a wasp through my jersy :D,we had just riden through a tunnel that goes under the link RD (it's a drain pipe about 50 meters long just lay down on your seat and keep your head down and away you go)so anyway just as I come out the other end of the pipe this wasp goes bang and hits me on the back of my right wrist. Blooody paper wasp, gees they sting ,but I supose we rode 120km/s is wet and slippery conditions and I did no damage so thats not to bad .I did get some ok photos as we were up in the clouds with it rainning just wish I could work out how to post them I'am not very computor savy :D.


ROTFLMAO! Funny Stuff :)

Well, if he wasnt so worried about his FAGS he might have done better!(somebody get the vice squad on that course)Makes you wonder how George Micheal would do on one of our DRZ's huh? Note:this is not meant to offend or depict anyone either living or imaginary... :)

I am exhausted. I stop for a fag and a drink and contemplate why I did this.

Yeah, what's up with that?? :)

"Yeah, what's up with that??"

'Fag' is an English (and maybe other countries) term for a cigarette. Not the same as the US meaning :).

but they both get sucked, right? And suck, right? Same thing... :)

Fag has two meanings here too :)

That is one of the funniest ads for the show 54321 Ive seen. Guy looks like Beck,

dressed in blue cowboy suit on very old bike, revs it through the gate and falls 5 feet

away, very funny spot.

'Fag' is an English (and maybe other countries) term for a cigarette. Not the same as the US meaning

Thanks for the clarification!

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