Vortex X10 Questions?

How easy is it to install? Is all the installation gear provided?

Do you have to rejet your bike after installation?

What are the best curves for: Hill climbs

Muddy trails

Tight single track

Long fast straights



Most power


Best alround curve

As I have been looking into purchasing a Vortex X10 to give me extra versitility and also fix the dreded miss on my 2003 YZ250f.

Your help would be most appreciated.


Bump.... I would like to hear the answers to these questions also? Any help out there would be appreciated!! Thanks... :)

I can't answer your questions yet on curves I just got mine last night and its been raining so much here lately. But it does come with all of the mounting hardware needed. Be nice if it cleared up here so I could try it out. Doesn't stock jetting work best with it?

comes with everything you need. The KTM one I installed actually had enough wire if you wanted to move it to the airbox to keep it dry I guess. We just moved it under the tank as katooms mount on the steering head.

The Vortex is easy to install. It comes with everything needed. Took me about an hour, but I'm slow on bike work, since everything I do is a new experience. (Never mechaniced before.)

I didn't rejet immediately, but it's getting warmer here, and I'm still playing with jetting. Not sure if it's Vortex-related or just weather.

I got mine for power acceleration, so I use MX and SX only. The jury is still out. Weather has kept me from really doing a good evaluation.

I cannot say "Two Thumbs Up" yet, but that is more of a factor of not having sufficient data rather than having bad data.


Well no one has replied. So I take it all you Vortex owners actually no nothing about or never noticed the product they have brought and installed.

I would love some help guy's and gal's please??


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