hello to all and in need of some help !

hi there

just a little hello

im from canada (Sasketchewan)

got a 2001 wr426 mainly stock with a powerbomb header and a fmf pipe

did the aircleaner removal last year which was good

was wondering what else i could do

im a little confused about the mods i found via search here so far

the grey wire ? does it even apply to my bike ?

throttle stop ? how much would i have to shorten the bolt ?

have some probems getting the bike started right now

it will only run with choke on

if i psh choke back in she dies !

removed the carb today and its quiet gummy in there

so i went searching here a bit for any infos on how to clean the carb the best way but couldnt really find anything

its the first time i take a carb apart so im a little nervos and would apreciate any help

in which mods i still could do


whats the best way to clean the carb (maybe even with pictures)

and some settings

thx alot

I noticed that no one has posted a reply here yet. I'll take the bait and go first. :lol:

I don't own a '01 WR, but I believe the grey wire mode applies. Look on the ECU. If there's a grey wire, well, you know what to do from the FAQ. :snore:


Don't worry that it says it's for the 250...

For the throttle stop, check out the FAQ:


"The throttle stop should be cut to a total length of 0.975" (24.765mm) or a stem length of 0.790" (20mm) in order to match the YZF's full travel. Use a hacksaw or Dremel cut-off saw to make the cut. Cut on the long side and then file to the final length, clean off any burrs and provide a slight chamfer around the circumference (Figure 3)." There's a little more too it than that.

Or just buy a YZ throttle stop...

Clean the carb with the usual safety solvent. Use fresh solvent. Don't use the shop tank with all the crap in it.

If the jets are gunked, replace them. Don't bother trying to clean them. They may look clean, but often the orifice is a little smaller from varnish, or scratched if the person cleaning used a wire to poke out the gunk. Oh, did I say not to use a wire? Don't use a wire. Really, don't do it. Don't take the carb "completely" apart. There's a gasket that holds the two pieces together. If you take that apart, it's time for a new carb because you can't replace the gasket (afaik). Blow the carb out with air. If you feel that you need to poke at something, use a nylong bristle or a popsicle stick (but don't poke wood into a passage, it can be hard to get out...). NYE makes a fluorocarbon grease for the slide if you need to grease it (you're supposed to). Brand doesn't matter. Don't use regular petroleum grease - it doesn't stand up to fuel.

Do the o-ring mod. It's in the FAQ.

Welcome to TT and good luck! :doh:

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