A moment of silence for a fallen comrade

Did you hear about the tragedy of one of our fellow off road enthusiasts at the monster truck show this past weekend in Tucson, AZ? The driver of a ford ranger hit a large jump and landed upside down with no roll bar, the cab was flattened and the whole family watched on. It really makes me think how often we all push the limits so much of the time and when it's your time it's your time. I think a moment of silence or a prayer is in order for our fallen comrade and the family he left behind.

Thanks TT'rs

Take Care, and keep it on two


Sorry to hear about that. The TT flag will fly at half staff the rest of this week... :)

That’s cool,

Someone else replied that the guy was an idiot for doing that without a roll bar. Though it is true that he should have had a roll bar I'm glad to see that not all dirt bikers are so heartless.

Well Mark, I'll have to assume that the "idiot" you're referring to is me.

My apologies if I came across a little course, but you need to understand that it's offensive to put "all" motor sport enthusiasts into the same bag when it comes to how we apply the risks.

In other words, I was actually insulated by this because you are implying that all off-road enthusiasts will inevitably conclude as this guy did.

Would it be fair for me to determine and evaluate YOUR destiny based on the statistic of Supercross riders that ride in shorts, tennis shoes and no helmet?

I don't think so, and I would appreciate the same from you.

Obviously we all make mistakes, but in my book, your example was not illustrated as such. Clearly any sanctioned event would not have allowed this guy to jump a truck without the proper equipment, nor should he within his own right mind.

I would much rather learn from this than have it incorrectly draw some inevitable conclusion that we have no control over our destiny.


Dave... why dont you come off of your high horse stop being so sensitive and get back on the ground of this world Mr Perfect.... Then you need to show some respect and give a moment of silence... I am sure you werent their, and dont know all of the circumstances... but the fact is someone died. So lets just respect that!!!


My apologies, and you're right.

I was just taken off by the destiny thing because it implied to me that we don't have control over our lives.

I really don't want anyone to think that riding or racing is a gas and go-as-fast-as-you-can thing. This is a serious sport with serious implications when you don't prepare.

Again, I'm sorry for anyone that I may have offended.


No,Daves right and that Ford Ranger guy was stupid.I'll respect the fact that someone died,but he is nontheless stupid.He wasn't my comrade.Dave,don't be sorry for offending anyone,you didn't say anything offensive.Its the internet not church.

It is sad that someone is no longer with us.

The lack of a roll bar also proves that Darwin had a point.

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