A moment of silence for a fallen comrade

Did you hear about the tragedy of one of our fellow off road enthusiasts at the monster truck show this past weekend in Tucson, AZ? The driver of a ford ranger hit a large jump and landed upside down with no roll bar, the cab was flattened and the whole family watched on. It really makes me think how often we all push the limits so much of the time and when it's your time it's your time. I think a moment of silence or a prayer is in order for our fallen comrade and the family he left behind.

Thanks TT'rs

Take Care, and keep it on two


That is very sad, but how is competing or performing without a rollbar/cage allowed? I was in a local 4WD club some years ago, just trail riding and ice racing, and even at that level a welded roll bar (not bolted light bar) was mandatory and an in-cab cage recommended.

I agree but if you check out the rules for the Tuff Truck(run what you brung) event at the Monster Truck show doesn’t require a roll bar. Well at least not until now. I also race local SCCA rally cross in a car and no roll bar is required for that either, well at least at my level. The local drag strip only requires a roll bar for cars that run sub 10 seconds 1/4 mile.

Wear your gear, dirt riders. Do everyone a favor and encourage others to wear their gear, too. Be an example to the kids riding. Use hand signals on trails to on-coming riders. Full inspections when you clean your bike after a ride - check your bolts. Don't ride your bike when it is busted. Stay on the right side of fire roads between trails (not the left). Wait for your buddy or your buddy's buddy at trail intersections. Carry ibuprophen (stops swelling). Carry a reflective night blanket. Never ride alone.

There is nothing we can do to prevent every accident. There is a lot we can do to prevent most accidents. There is just as much we can do to prevent an accident from getting worse than it was to start with.

One of the men in our forum has Parkinsons. Some of you have other ills of humanity. Don't let ignorance or lazyness give you something you have a choice to exclude from your life.

Don't race a truck or car without a roll-bar.

Amen, brother.

If you are riding a trail and come to a group coming the other way, stop. Indicate to them you have more riders coming if that's the case.

And if it ain't a race track, DON'T RACE! Keep a little something in reserve, anyone can suddenly show up anywhere if it's not a closed course event.

You can't have enough friends. Every time a 'Do guy' falls, there is one less of us. Don't let it happen to you, but don't stay home and watch TV either. You need to get out there and live life while you have it. We do, that's why we're here chatting on the 'dale forum. Invite you sofa riding friends to try something a little more exciting! And lend them a helmet, keep them alive too!

My sympathy to the family of the race truck driver. That' not supposed to happen, I think it should be considered a 'freak' accident. I don't have a roll bar in my truck either, and I'm pretty sure your life is in more danger driving to work than racing your truck at the fair.

When the call is for you, might as well pick up the phone. There's no getting around that call, when it comes. And I'd rather go that way than sitting in the lazy boy waiting for my heart to stop...

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