jetting need quik answer

I posted this in the jetting section but my bike is apart and I need a quik answer.

I Think I need to adjust my needle jet, but don't know if I need to make it leaner or richer. I live at 4700 feet and the temps are around 85-100f. Here's what it's doing. When the bike is on a stand in neutral, I try and blip the throttle. The bike boggs and will die if you don't let up. While riding, I'll be coming around a turn in second gear, Hit the apex of the turn and get ready to really get on the gas and it just boggs/ falls flat on it's face. Then out of nowhere, when I'm about to hit the handlebars, the bike picks back up and flys. So is this a lean condition or rich? There's no popping or backfiring and the plug looks fine.

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