O Ring

I took the carb completly apart a few days ago(99 WR400). I just noticed a tiny O Ring on the work bench. Didn't see it when disassembling the carb. It is not one of the accelerator pump O Rings (this one is even smaller then the smaller of those two) or the Air Cut Valve O Ring. The only thing I can see in the service manual is it looks like the pilot screw has a spring, possible washer, and an O Ring. I only have the spring. Any ideas other then I should not have taken it apart in the first place?

I think I figured it out. Can someone verify that the pilot screw has a Spring, Washer, and O Ring? And the pilot jet has no washer or O Ring? I had the two mixed up after taking them off and placing them on labled sticky notes. Thanks in advance. 74 degrees today! What a time to be messing with the carb.

Thats where it goes. Local hardware store has that size if you need a new one.

Thanks for the reply Oasis. I appreciate the help.

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