A moment of silence for a fallen comrade

Did you hear about the tragedy of one of our fellow off road enthusiasts at the monster truck show this past weekend in Tucson, AZ? The driver of a ford ranger hit a large jump and landed upside down with no roll bar, the cab was flattened and the whole family watched on. It really makes me think how often we all push the limits so much of the time and when it's your time it's your time. I think a moment of silence or a prayer is in order for our fallen comrade and the family he left behind.

Thanks TT'rs

Take Care, and keep it on two


I'm sorry to hear about this, but based on the details of the story this seems a little odd.

Most off-road races or events are controlled by orgnaizations, such as the NHRA. These organizations have strict standards about the use safety gear - certainly roll bars.

Lastly, why would the owner of the truck himself do something like this?

If we all rode our dirt bikes without helmets, would it be fair to conclude that motocross is a deadly sport?

Perhaps you can provide some more detail into this post.


I'm not him nor was I in his head to know what he was thinking. I'm sure that wasn't the plan. Have you never miss calculated a jump and over shot or come up short? You can go to the Tucson Citizen or the Arizona Daily Star on line to find out more. As far as your comment about sanctioned events all having strict safety rules I give you this:

Most local drag strips don't require roll bars except sub 10 seconds 1/4 mile cars

SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) rally cross, roll bars not required (except convertibles)

Monster Truck shows do Tuff Truck (run what you brung) events as a half time attraction, because people like to see people beat the hell out of themselves and the trucks they came in. No roll bar required (at least not until now)

Would I do it, no!

Is it fun to watch? yes!(until last weekend)

Can I tell you what people are thinking? no!

Could his throttle have stuck WFO?yes

Did Doug Henry over shoot that down hill and Fu** up his back on purpose? no!

Need I say more?no!

Do you need to calm down? YES

Wyatt, Thanks for the tip. That was pretty good.

I just didn’t care for the insinuation much.

It's all good

Keep it on two,


accidents happen and it is a shame that he probably left a family without a father/husband, but i think we can chalk this one up to Mr Darwin's Natural Selection!


Like you or I have never done anything we shouldn't have - and barely gotten away with it? C'mon dude, none of us are so elite in reality land, including you - it's sad that this happened - I feel sorry for the friends and family.

not an elitist at all, but getting out there and jumping his truck without the proper protection was stupid and he paid for it..at the expense of his family.


thanks for the clarification.

I give my condolences, no matter what the circumstances are. It is a sad event. :)

Daybrucas, if you get "selected" wearing all of you're gear, you know what the paramedic that hauls your ass away is going to say? He's going to say "idiot motorcycle rider should have known better" And at the last second of your impending crash, you're going to bail out on the cool-guy darwin crap and pray for all your worth. And after the paramedic drops you off, He's gonna go have a cheeseburger and a beer and then go play some golf, and tell his buddies about the dumb-ass motorcycle rider that left his wife and children fatherless.

I have taken that ambulance ride and that is exactly what everyone that works on you from the doctor on down says. They think you are an idiot for riding motorcycles and you brought it upon yourself.

I feel sorry for anyone one that leaves a wife and kids behind.

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