Great Weekend at Hollister!!!!

I have to say that it is good to see our sticker fee's hard at work. Hollister is so clean and well groomed. The camping is awesome, couldn't be better. When I pay my fee's at next due date I will pay them with a smile, no more complaining from me, I think all my buddies would agree.

It was good to wake-up Monday morning to the sound of heavy equipment headed for the upper trails.The sound check is the only draw back. I was the only one to get tested out of the 8 of us. I was tested at 98.5db but was allowed to ride the whole weekend. The ranger was only doing his job. I treated him with respect and he returned the respect to me. He said that since I was under 101db that I would be ok for now, but I should work on getting my bike to 96db.

Bottom line is this, Hollister is so awesome I will be going back as soon as possible. Great place for the family or just a guys trip. Well worth the, $6 per truck a night, fees. So many trails we couldn't ride them all in 2 days. I am just learning to ride the track, but it was well kept, watered and groomed.

Everybody should check this place out, who knows you may see me there some day.

Yeah, its great... now only if my CRF will start!!!

Just wait till you get to ride the park after a good rain. The hills are awesome after grooming and a good rain. You can absolutely rail through the trails.

My favorite part of Hollister is up near the top of the High Road, where there are about 8-10 turns in a row where the outside has been roosted so much that it's all powder up against the hills, and there are *no* braking bumps or acceleration bumps in the whole string -- just smooth flow and roost. It's just like floating or skiing or something, roosting from turn to turn. Beauty! :D

I was there riding alone one weekday last year in the Spring, and the flowers were out and the sagebrush was real pungent. The deer just stood there an looked at me funny as I flew past. What a memory. Days like that really make dirtbiking special. :)

Just got home from Hollister, 64 miles of trails, saw only about 12 riders today, a little dusty but rain is coming in a couple of days...can't wait.....woo-hoo!! :) I only wish they would open the lower campground that has hot showers during the week instead of only on weekends. Ciao JP

Good replies. I would love to hear more stories about peoples favorite rides at Hollister.

My favorite part is riding the grassy hill climbs in the trees. There is no other feeling like leading or following, your buddies up single track climbs. When the trail splits one guy goes one way and the other goes the other way, meeting at the top. Always looking back to make sure everyone made it. Of course the one that doesn't make it(me usually)takes all the ribbing. Good times!!!!

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