1998 WR 400 white foam coming from crank vent hose was not coolant

a while back I started getting the dreaded "white foam" from my crankcase vent hose. ok step one leak down test -passed, step two mark coolant tank, not using coolant. step three, replace waterpump seals. yep ,still white foam :doh: so, the day before i'm gonna change out the head and barrel gaskets, my beloved WR dies .:snore: but wait, it gets better,it died because I was dumb enough to not check all my carb vent hoses for mud daubber wasp pupae:worthy: the smaller the enemy the harder to fight.so how does this come back to white foam? my DEALER service dude notices that I had put a tank vent check valve in the tank vent line:bonk: I guess the newer fuels make a high enough pressure to over power even the stoutest of needle float valves.I wondered why I never noticed that the foam smelled like gas.:lol: I changed it out and the foam went away.I had wondered where the TPS miss had gone off to.... now it's back:ride:

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