Jardine Exaust and Headers Help!

Anybody know much about the Jardine system for the XR650R? I just purchased a 2000 XR650R and it came with a full setup that is not installed. The guy said he couldn't get it to run right and maybe it was meant for use with the HRC kit. It looks like a nice setup and I'd like to install it if it is better that the Pro Circuit T4 with stock header combo I have now.

Any Suggestions about jetting(1000ft) or weather the Jardine is any good?



Anybody have any experiences with the Jardine system? :)

Any help would be appreciated.

What is your email address? I can email you a dyno graph comparing our pipe to stock. Give me a few days to round up some good jetting and setup information.

Jarine Exaust,

My email is davidrainey@earthlink.net

Thanks, for the help I really appreciate it.


I would like to see the system. Is there a photo of it somewhere? If not please post one. Thanks

I'll try to take a few this weekend if I get a chance. I should be able to post something by Monday.


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