Speed TV Enduro coverage

Speed TV gave all of 2 minutes to the Daytona Enduro race. They played the entire superbike race from start to finish - 57 laps. When will they give Enduros the coverage they deserve? To make it even worse their host Jim White, didn't even know what a CRF450 was. Honda had their bikes on display and he said it was a "road racer or could be used in flat track". You gotta be kidding.

Speaking of bad commentating, anyone else think the commentating for the Daytona Supercross sucked? I like Rick Johnson but his repeated "My bad" statements when he'd make a mistake in his commentating just drove me up the wall! A little more professionalism, please. :):D

Uh......The Daytona 200 is the largest most prestigous Motorcycle event in the United States. It was postponed because of rain on Sunday, so it aired on Monday.

Sorry you missed the enduro race, but the sportbike race was more important as far as money and size of crowd goes. I'm sure they did not want to air over the enduro but they had no choice

This is the first event of the year and every manufacturer wants to win it so they can start their commercials to sell their motorcycles.

On another note, the supercross was great, I really did not pay attention to the announcers................db :)

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