My Red WR450

Just thought I would post of some pics of my WR450 - i went a little crazy on it. All the plastics are white with red dirt digits graphics. ESP tuned the suspension. DASA racing rebuilt the engine - it hauls ass now. Sadly it will only do about 40 miles on the stock tank. new rims, new hubs, new handle bars, a steering stabalizer, a yoshi pipe and the list goes on. Its funny cause everyone wants to know how i like my crf450 and I always get to correct them.





dear sweet mother of peter! mind giving me some money or is it all gone?

its gorgeous man

DAMN:banana: :doh: i always loved the classic purty blue on yammies.......but now you've got me rethinking when it comes time to put on fresh plastic and graphics.yours is hands down one of my favorite bikes now:thumbsup: ....even compared to the decked out am-pro yamahammers:smirk:what kinda grips are you running?

good job! thing looks friken awesome!:doh:

the grips are Tag Metals Rebound Tech Dual Compound - they are by far the best grips I have ever had.

Awesome bike man! I dig the white plastics, that's why I have a 2007 GYTR Raptor 700, I love them. I might put the white plastics on my WR some day.

DASA is the shizzleness too. I had a TRX450R that i put the big bore DASA 500 kit on, awesomeee machine!

I have a yfz450 with white plastics and red graphics as well - i like making them match. the yfz450 has an engine package by dasa. It still gets whooped by a banshee but against a stock quad it kills them when shooting the hill.

That is the nicest WR ive seen looks like it cost more money than ive seen also

All I have to say is, AT LEAST its a Yamaha at heart :doh::snore:

Beautiful bike. Way too clean but beautiful nonetheless.

My WR is white with red back grounds and I am constantly being asked what it is... most think it's a Honda like you said...

How does that headlight compair to the factory one? BTW, sweet Bike!!!

I honestly don't ride my bike at night - I just dont think any light provides enough light to go through the dez safely. It is brighter but its not like a LED lightbar on a sandrail or rhino.

Beautiful bike. Way too clean but beautiful nonetheless.

clean yes, trailer queen? hell no. Look closely and you will see plenty of scratches - one of the lights actually doesn't work cause last time i was in cal city I flipped it and knocked the sucker clean off. Ooops. But isn't that why we own tools? So we can fix things when we break them.

Absolutely beautiful - one of the nicest bikes I've ever seen on here.

Beautiful bike. Way too clean but beautiful nonetheless.

look at the exhaust and such, you can see scratches :crazy:

Vary nice

true blue, me too...... but damn that thing looks good:thumbsup: That Excursion acrross the street looks familiar? what city you live in?

Thats actually my girlfriends dads excursion - he lives in Castaic. You a neighbor?

Aw, must be anutha just like it in my neighborhood. Murrieta, biggest off road community in cal and 100% against off roading. Keep up the good work though, nice bike bud....

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