I thought with all the mechanics out there someone could answer this.How do you remove and install new valve guides in a small engine? My tractor blows oil through the breather and I can't find the reason,thought I would try new valve guides.

its not from the guides being bad.its blow by past the rings.

but if you do want new guides,you must heat the head up in a oven to about 450 degrees.then drive them in and out.put the new guides in a freezer the night before and they will go right in.then you must get a vavle guide reamer and fit the valve to guide clearance.simple right? :D

again,thats not whats wrong. :)

Thats good news.Sounds easier to replace rings than the guides.The cylinder does not have any bad scratches in it.Do you think that I can get by with a set of standard rings and just hone it? Or will I have to go oversize? I don't have a measureing tool for the cylinder.This goes in my 14 yr.old Ingersoll lawn tractor that I realy love.It is a small tractor that has a hydraulic drive train,no clutching and is maintanance free.These are obsolete and nobody makes them anymore.Kohler does not sell a short block for this K series engine do to EPA reqiurements.Watch out guys they are comeing after our weed whips,blowers,chainsaws,hedge trimmers.All the "GUY STUFF".Thanks for the reply.

just depends on what the cylinder to piston clearance is.if its loose you will to go over size or new rings wont help.

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