03 rear master cylinder on 01/02

i did a search to find out if the 03 rear master cylinder will fit on an 01/02 250F. didn't find much. anyone know if this will work or not? if so, would you happen to know the approximate cost of the part?

Yes it can be done, its a simple bolt up and bleed it thats it. My bud just did it to his '01, even the subframe with everything attached from my '03 bolted right up even the new air boot fit without any problems. The only parts that don't line exactly is the tank the mounting bracket above the shock tower. The bose is alittle too long like 1/8 of an inch and you'd have to make a mount for the tank bolts new locations. The coil is in the way but you can upgrade to the new '03's easy basically just need the new parts. The seats don't quite line up either cause the 03's subframe has a hook that runs accross the top of the subframe has like a raised up hook and the seat base has these raised up plastic ridges for it to rest on the subframe. Grinded off like 1/4 of inch and I bet it would line up. In the process now of getting the parts to do this to his '01 YZ250F. When ever we get it done I'll have to post some pics and what was needed to make the parts fit. Yes the 03's tank clears the oil filler cap lots of clearance. It wouldn't take much to upgrade to the 03's plastics.

that sounds pretty cool! thanks for the thorough reply!

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