03 wr450 whining noise

My bike has developed a "whining" noise that increases as the rpm's get higher. It never done this before nor do my friends wr's do it. It's not a knock or a tap its just a high pitched whine coming from the engine. The engine doesnt have very many hours on it. Any help would be greatly apprieciated.

any ideas????

By chance did you recently put a skid plate on it. If so you'll hear all kinds of mechanical noises you never noticed before. Just a thought.

no skid plate, this is a noise that it has just developed in the last week.

a coupe of questions, does it do it sitting still, or when moving. Did you do anything with the air filter or subframe. did you just change the oil.

Are you sure it isn't a chirp? If it is more like a high pitch chirp coming from the engine area, it is the carb. Other than that I don't know.

It does it all the time, its is a whine similar to a turbine or a car with a gear drive in it. I can tell for sure its in the engine. Last night while trying to diagnose it I saw that my water pump has a slight leak. Think this could be the problem? I havnt done any recent maintenence either.

Fix the water pump and see if it goes away. You will have to do the pump anyway, could be the cause.

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