Anybody tried the EZ Holeshot by Works Connection?

Holeshot devices...How do you like them? Easy to engage? Does it really help your starts? Worth $100 ?

I need all the help I can get, and it's much easier crackin' the top 10 if your start within the top 5 :)!!


Simple, just hold the throttle open longer and brake way later. Off the start, make sure you are in second, hold the revs steady, two feet on the ground, lean forward, nuts on the tank, front brake on, clutch in, when the gate drops then go! I used to get the holeshot everytime when I raced...............db

One was on my bike when I bought it (raced in 03 Anaheim III SX). It definately works and keeps the front end down, however it is a pain to engage. Basically a two man operation since you have to compress the front forks then engage the button which is on the fork cover (a long reach)

It's worth it if you race professionally because all your competition will be using them. But if you just race local events, just hold the gas on a bit longer and brake later..

100 bucks is allot just to be used for starts unless you gat paid the big bucks to race.

Just my .02

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