out of storage problems

tried to get my

2001 wr 426 out of storage this weekend and she gives me headaches

she will fire and run with choke apllied

idles actually pretty smooth

as soon as i shut the choke off she dies (i can keep her running with a bit of throttle apllied)

took the carb off today and cleaned them completely (not only the bowl)

after reinstalling

still the same thing

anyone any ideas what i could do ???

Replace (do not waste the time trying to clean) the pilot jet.

Make sure the hot start works correctly.

Ensure the vacuum release plate is in square side down.

how do i ensure that the hotstart is working correctly ?

its moving freely and does clip in when pulled

would you say to replace just the pilot jet or also the starter jet as well ?

i dont know if you hae the manual for that bike but i cant find the vacuum release plate anywhere ?

Hey Fossy,

There are links to manuals in the stickies at the top of the forum page.

Do a search as someone else is having a very similar problem to yours.

i found the thread yor talking about drt

and sure looks like hes got the same trouble like me

still my question is that vacuum release palte which i cant figure out on the shematics


In the picture you supplied, below the needle is a rectangular-ish item with a circle. That is the release plate.

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