anyone know HP?

I found a good deal on a 99' TTR 225 ($1500). I am going to buy it so I can have non riding friends who are beginners ride it. Also I think it will be amusing because of course the TTR is weak compared to the big XR's and DRZ's and the entertainment value alone of watching a hapless beginner being swallowed by a tidal wave of roost on the lowly TTR makes it worth the purchase price. Anyone know off hand how much HP the TTR has?

Slim to none :):D:D I just know I had a riot roosting one on my track one day. I think the suspension and such really holds back what power it does make. A ttr250 would be the way to go. My wife has one and it is a great bike to ride.

That is exactly why I want the 225! The whole idea is to put the "victim" on inferior underpowered, under suspensioned equipment.

So is that what it takes to win?

[ September 08, 2002, 10:13 PM: Message edited by: AZWR426 ]

I have taught several people to ride on a ttr125 and it is a great bike. Carries adults over anything a beginner wants and won't be a boat anchor to sell. The ttr125's are a much more versatile bike imo.

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