Broken Kick Start Lever

Just broke my BBR billet, high tech, light weight aluminum kick start lever. I am the third person I know of who has broken one of these. The design is such that the kicker is hammered against the footpeg every time I kick it. It was only a matter of time till it snapped off like a twig.

Luckily I was not in too terrible a situation when it happened. Only stuck on a very steep, rooted, rutted, muddy hill.

Anyway, anyone have any constructive suggestions on how to prevent this from happening again.?????

Sarge, this problem is worse if you havew extra large footpegs. I bought a hockey puck, cut into strips approx 1" thick and the legnth of footpegs. I drilled and tapped the trailind edge of the right peg and drilled and countersunk the puck. Screw the two together and now the arm hits the puck. doesnt last forever but pucks are cheap and BBRs are not. Hope this helps, Mike D.

cheapest easiest fix is automotive heater hose over that spot on lever. It will tear, but just spin it to an uncut area and youre good to go again. 1ft cost maybe .75

I was thinking about using the kicker off of a Banshee. It's Yamaha, its shorter, and probably alot cheaper than BBR.

My BBR kickstarter is showing only a minor ding in the spot where I have repeatedly pounded it against the peg. I guess it would be better if it didn't hit the peg at all, but compared to the stock kickstarter this thing is indestructible. When I took off my stock one it had worn about halfway through the metal.

Hey Guys,

We currently have a kick starter lever available for the 2002 YZ250F and we should have the lever for the 2003 in a couple of weeks.

One thing that makes our lever stand out is we have a landing pad one the back side of the lever where it contacts the footpeg. We also advise you to bend the one cleet inward where the lever landing pad hits. This will prolong the life of the lever.

If you are interested, we have a couple of pictures that show the lever on a bike that may be encouraging. Click Here to see the images.

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