Next Mod?

I have new jetting, 162/62.

The bike is sucking fuel nicely now.

I'm thinking the next mod would be an Edlebrock carb,

But, what about an HRC power-up kit, might be better price/performance? What's the HP increase over stock '96 for the power-up kit?

I understand w/ the increased compression, I might need to run higher octane fuel (95+).

Can I put the power-up kit in myself?

I'm fairly mechanical, in possession of a service manual, and obsessed.

The higher octane is O.K. right from the pump (91 for us west-coasters). No octane boost needed, but a small fuel filter might help keep that bowl clean. If you are mechanical, then there is a lot you can do yourself. Just don't do too much at once.

Adding a Edelbrock pumper carb is the single best most bang for the buck item you can do to an XR400. I also have a 416 piston at 10/5-1 compression and run pump gas fine.

I understand the HRC power-up kit, for the XR400, to be, 'high-compression cast aluminum piston and high-lift cams to achieve high output at high rpm. For the XR400R, the reinforced parts for the clutch (spring, outer clutch housing, etc.) are included'.

Is this the same piston/compression as your motor?

Are these kits about $300? Then maybe $600 to have installed?

Or would I have a bunch of fun installing it myself?


440 kit and Hot Cam.

along with the Edelbrock.



I think the Honda kit is around 800.00 plus install. See Dwight's post above. These mods will cost about 800.00 plus you'll have the pumper carb.

The HRC Power-Up kit does not require a bore increase. Correct?

What's the cost for the motor mods you note (440 and hot cam)?

Maybe $90 for the bore and $200 for parts?


Ballpark, cam is 100-150, Pumper carb is under 400 ready to install from Barnums, 440 kit 250 or so. If you dont want to make the commitment to the 440, you can go with a smaller hi comp piston like 416. You might also try incremental mods such as pumper carb first, see how you like it, then piston, then cam. The pumper carb is great by itself. Dont forget to open the exhaust up. Volume in, volume out.

Who do I send my cylinder to? Thanks

A local shop should be able to do it, or you could send it to Barnums, or XR's only, or Baja Designs. Barnums might work with you on a package deal for the piston and carb.

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