My CRF supermoto

I must know your thoughts (Vulan Mind Meld). :) Seriously, how did you do that? I must know. Can you give me any details/advise. I have an 03 CRF I'm trying to build. Just scored a spare suspension to Motardify. Where should I send it. Where did you get your brakes and wheel set from? How much did all this non-sense cost you?


sometimes, I miss my previous years racing mx and sx so if I can find any mud hole on the

I've updated pics of my CRF on my site. hopefully I've taken pics before crashing

my CRF

Sweet bike!

Are those little Dianese stickers on your wheels?

Yesssssssssss, it is some little dainese stickers on the wheel. They are positionned right regarding the tire valve. It is quicker to have a look on th etire pression.

I'm going to upload the yahoo website asap with some better pictures.

Concerning the question about the price. I'm from France our price is different than yours, anyway, the brake system is about 400$, the wheelset 1500$.

You do not need revalving your suspension neither lowering the CRF for supermoto. Simply when supermoto riding you can keep your original settings for the fork and all the rear suspensions clicker full clockwise minus 2 click.

here's mine



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