Why is a DRZ400S worth all the mods...or a WR426F?

I am considering selling my 2000 DRZ400S stock bike and convert a WR426F but I really don't have the money now and want something that I will be happy with. I am just wondering if it would be cheaper to sell this and buy a used WR426F and possibly not have to make all those mods? By the time I change gearing, jetting, forks, pipe etc. would it be better to just get the Yamaha WR426S?

I weigh 200lbs loaded up and like trail and hill climbs, I live in North Georgia, so we have a lot of wash out climbs, ruts, roots and rocks so you need the power. But I want to get into Dual Sporting and get in the mud and sand as well.

Why are DRZ's worth all of those mods?

I can really use your help on this one, I have never modified a bike and not sure how much of a drastic change it would be if at all. I got reply to one of my post from a guy with an XR650 and he modified his jetting, airbox and gearing then added a pipe and didn't see much if any increase in performance. So I got worried.

Thanks for the advice in advance,


I own a 98 WR400 two year back and I own a 00 S now. IMHO, both are good bike.

As I need to use the bike for commuting daily, the stock S suit me better. (stock WR400 use 14/50,which is too low for highway travelling)

I go for occasional trail and this is the bike for me. Get the bike which suit your need most!


Why are DRZ's worth all of those mods?

The "S" is already plated. And to get the most out of any bike you will need to make some mods. And most importantly...MODS ARE FUN!!! :):D

Try a few simple mods on your 400S first

The gearing and jetting are inexpensive mods.

Stock pipe is good imo, i just removed the restrictor from the end-cap.

Unbolt the unnecessary stuff to lighten the bike and still keep it legal for your area.

Bypass the kickstand/clutch switches.

Change the stock tires for better DOT tires and you have a fun Dual-sport bike with the bonus electric start.

Before tackling serious enduro type trails add a skid plate, radiator guards and engine case guards.

It depends if you can get a plate on the WR. I bought a DRS because it is difficult to get a plate on a WR in NJ. I have mega bucks in the DR and it's still not a very good dirt bike. It is a good street bike though.

its much easier to make the drz into a good enduro bike than it is to make the wr into a good dual sport bike.

Have you tried starting a wr after dropping it,while up to your knees in mud?if you werent already tired then that will really tire you out.

like whats already been said,do a few simple mods to the drz first,you will be surprised at the kind of power difference you get.I will be the first to agree that a standard drz is wallowy and underpowered.

To be honest I have cosidered a wr,but for trailriding it would be hard work.I am happy with my drz

I never have any problems starting my WR in any situation.

Just can't be in a hurry.

not sure about the 426, sounds like a sweet bike. all i know is the drz is a blast. i have done quite a few mod with the exception of the suspension, which will be done this fall, im about 170 lbs and a little lighter in the summer so the suspension isn't terrible. the drz feels like a cadillac on the trails, what an addicting bike!

I agree i love my Drz...roll on the springtime :)

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