Is this a good deal??

I am going to look at a super clean, almost mint 03 yz450f for $1700, started at 1900 talked him down over some e-mail exchanges, might be able to get it for 1600. Stock plastic renthal chain and sprockets otherwise completely stock. I also live in MN if that makes any difference. Thanks!!

If it is as he says it is, yes, that's a good price.

Bought the bike for 1600, very clean for seals are out on one leg, but he had brand new seals in package for it. Shock is still real good in the rear original owner, had manual and receipts. I have two crf's, and damn this thing is fast, INSTA PUNCH low end......Starts easier than my crf's a real nice bike. Thanks!!

Very good deal. Paid 2400 for mine with some mods in October? of 08

congrats on the new bike, the '03 was a monster.

I recommend an 8oz flywheel from

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