what purchase date? 450 wrf's

trying to find out at what time of year yamaha release their bikes.

if you've bought a wrf 450,what time of year did you buy it?

can't believe no one knows! :doh:



In the US, it can vary from as early as October of '09 for a '10 model to as late as April of '10 for a '10 model, really depends on the amount of changes from the previous year, what the competitors are doing and so on, there is no set date.

New models are announced at the dealer show in July. As mentioned the actual release date can vary from August to the spring of the following year. Rumors are flying right now about the new YZ which if true will be a radical departure. Also there are a boatload of leftover 08/09 YZ's and WR's on the market right now. That being said I would expect a later release date. If Yamaha follows previous history the WR will get updated the following year though there is some speculation that they will update the WR this year as well.

thanks guys

looks like i'll have to wait a while



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