New California Sound Law

YAMAKAZE: I'm sure it was a typo, but Cali is getting screwed by LEFT wing politicians, not right wing.

I agree with absolutly everything else you said, though.


I am with your last post almost 100%. You and I are both sick to death of the bull from the extreme left wing element in all things, especially their coddling of the extreme green movement. At one time, these large enviro groups actually served a purpose, when we all needed to be aware of what effects our actions had on our environment (cars, smokestacks, dumping in rivers, etc). We have learned most of what we need to know, and have changed the way we do many things (and it has worked). They now have run out of things to beat us over the head with, and those organizations have been hijacked by the left-over hippies, socialists, communists, and various other leftist political animals from the '60's. The only thing for them to do is lie to the voting public about everything else they don't like, and beat us over the head about that, too.

Despite what they go to great lengths to deny, it is by any measure a POLITICAL movement now, no longer based on a noble principle, but based fully upon their desire to control our every move. That is why they continually lie about what we and others are "doing to the environment".

It works here in Calif, because the politicians are all left-over flower children of the Haight-Ashbury drug culture anyway. They just buy the nonsense from their friends. So, Bill Dart has to compromise sometimes to get any cooperation from them at all. If we were stronger, politically, he could just stand up and say NO. But riders here just won't get politically involved. Won't or can't send enough money to their friends and advocates that are fighting for them. If we want to change that, we must get more involved. And vote. And send money to BRC, ARRA, and Corva, etc. That is the only way we will keep the right to ride on public land. Whether other people use that land or not.

Keep the faith, brother. We will eventually win this. We have the constitution on our side, and riders will eventually realize the choice: get involved or just park the bike. There are no other choices.


PS: there is a Desert Advisory Council meeting in Baker this month. I will post separately the date and time later.

Just a quick question to all, if your bike is 104 DB or 96 DB do think that is gonna change someones mind on if dirtbikes are ok in an area or not?? I think not, these greenies mind's are made up along with the politicians that support them. Lets keep working on making things quite but don't think this is going to make a big difference to anything.

My take is that the noise issue is a straw man, and that they will just find another issue. HOWEVER, as we eliminate the issues that seem reasonable to the VOTING PUBLIC, the extreme enviros begin to look like the bunch of whining, malcontent, always-complaining-about-nothing nuts, knuckleheads, and losers that they are. The public at large begins to see them as unreasonable. Eventually, if we are quiet, polite, considerate trail users, they will have no reasonable argument left to keep us off the trails. At least when we ride in areas where there are other people recreating.

On the track, who cares? On public land, the public cares, and they vote.


'KAZE & Endurodog,

I for one am a proponent of a 96dB limit regardless of the environmental wackos. I've ridden in Mexico with my 96dB WR and when the quiet core insert fell out I thought the bike was going to blow up. It's flat out obnoxious.

A quiet bike in a MULTI-USE area - read a National forest - is a common courtesy. Nothing more, nothing less. And yes, there is a huge difference between a 96dB bike and a 104dB bike. I was pleasantly suprised & happy when my wife told me she couldn't hear my bike from ~200yds away. She was waiting for me at a trail junction and didn't know I was there until I was almost on top of her:) Yeah, my mind is in the gutter. Loud pipes saves lives is a bogus argument when both bikes are so loud neither operator can hear the other.....

The environmental's arguement fails to hold water when there is no visible or audible proof available to show the so-called 'degradation & destruction' caused by OHVs.


I agree that its much more comfortable to ride a quite bike and it doesn't hurt our image. The thing that doesn't hold water with the "less sound = more ground" argument is that the ones arguing against us on use issues don't care. They don't want us there period. If people think that a 96 db bike is going to change their opinons over a 104 db bike they don't understand the issue.

It seems a lot of hopes are being placed on "lets make out bikes quite and we will be able to win more places to ride". It's not gonna happen. The argument most of these green groups use is that we tear up the woods and run over endangered plants or turtles. A quite bike doesn't change that

I think the point on this sound level business is this:

1: The AMA has turned a blind eye to their own rules for years, 96 or 98db for AMA sanctioned events. They did not sound check bikes at all until recent publicity and laws.

2: The Feds failed to hold Manufactures accountable for a federal import laws that requires bikes sold in the US to be under 98db. Harley has to abide by this; KTM brings their bikes in at 93, Ducati 94. Hence we get out of the crate YZF @ 107

3: Eco Nazi's have stepped up the effort to disable dirt bikes even further by pushing sound levels for dirt bikes to 93db for bikes starting at 1986 and newer.

4: Becouse of items 1 & 2, Pipe manufactures had no initiative to build better "ENGINEERED" pipes that meet or exceed current sound law. The Technology is there.

5: Now that the AMA is enforcing its own rules at sanctioned events, many amateur as well as pro riders are not allowed to ride that day becouse they can not meet the sound check.

So what does this mean, Many pro riders (Who are not on a Payroll) rely on points money, contingent programs to make it through a season. If they do not make a race, they make no money at all. This will have the "Trickle down" theory for "ENGINEERED" pipes for the OEM's. This will in turn end up on your bike. It is going to happen, its starting in Calif and moving east. Sooner or later you will be dogged with the same thing that is hitting Calif right now Sound Checks. Ya don’t pass ya don’t ride Period. This is now a warning time in Calif OHV's some are enforcing it to the T no exceptions, but like Forest Hill, Hollister. Clear Creek and others, the Rangers that patrol are Dirt bikers them selves and understand the situation.

But come next year in Calif its a different inning of the ball game...

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I understand and agree to an extent. Quieter bikes will not in itself lead to a sudden change of heart from the green groups or the land managers such as BLM and USFS. It's just that we are eliminating most of their other objections to our use of land, and this is the one thing we haven't done much about. With the sound issue out of the way, they will likely find another issue. But as we address and solve the supposedly legitimate concerns, they run out of reasonable objections. Soon, they begin to look unreasonable in their demands, and the land managers begin to side with us most often. If I know the enviros, they will try to pass off ridiculous lies as truth, and their credibility will be out the window (I once had a guy try to tell me that the rubber wear particles of my tires were "poisoning" the that the best they can do?).

I don't like the idea of trashing my Powercore IV-SA either, especially since I ride mostly in the desert where there are no other people, but I am riding in the mountains some times. There are non-riders up there and they vote.

I'll be signing up for a Q series soon, so I don't get a ticket, and so my ears will quit ringing after a ride.


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