If you wern't going to put a stabilizer on right away what bars and top clamp would you recommend for some one about 6' 1" and still have the option to go stabilizer later on.

I have a new WR450 as of yesterday!

I'm a novice 46 yr old trail rider as of right now and do not know if I'll ever race so not sure if I will benifit from a steering stabilzer. Am I correct?

Well a steering stabilizer isn't a racing item, it's safety item, IMHO. Racers use them because they can go a little faster and stay in control. Trail riders use them for that reason or just because they want to be a little safer.

In that case,do you think the setup that Scotts has with the complete system; Pro Tapers, triple clamp and stabilizer is the way to go?

They claim you save about a $100 by buying the system over individual components.

You wont go wrong with that package. Add the damper any time.

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