help plz!! i got some questions

hey guys.the other week i drained my engine oil and i have not put any back in it since i will be taking it to the shop.i was wondering if this could damage the engine in ay way.also i was wondering any 1 can give me an advice on inspecting the impeller shaft.wat to look for?and how much play should they only have each way.cheers

The engine won't be damaged by having no oil as long as no one runs it that way. Be sure you tell the shop, and it would be a good idea to hang a BIG tag on it that says "NO OIL IN ENGINE", just to be sure no one misses the message.

There's no particular clearance or end play spec on the impeller shaft. What you are looking for is a groove worn into it by the coolant seal. The seal will leave a bright ring on the shaft, and if this ring is visibly worn into the shaft, or is deep enough to be felt with a fingernail, the shaft should be replaced.

Also inspect the bearing at the right end of the counter balancer shaft:

ok thankz gray

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