Fork oil 5wt vs 7wt

I am currently running 7wt with gold valves on a 97 xr4 with the valve stack set to race tech chart spec, with the exception I am 2 settings soft on the high speed stack. I am wondering if I drop to 5wt from 7wt oil, would there be any noticable difference...especially on the little square edged bumps and rocks? I get just a little too much impact through the bars on this type of stuff.

It would soften up the fork a little on the high & low speed.

I would soften up the low speed, this will help on the small

bumps and rock.

As I'm sure you know, a less viscous fluid will flow thru the bleed passages easier, so you'll see less of a difference with each click on your adjustments compared to that of running a heavier oil. Same holds true for the different weight oils moving past the shim stack. Hydraulic deflection ability of the oil on the stack doesn't change but how much fluid that passes past the stack once deflected, does. Try it and see.

I would go at least 5 wt. and consider trying 2.5wt.



Thanks for the posts.

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