How can I get a .jpg pic posted on the board?

I have a few pics of a 450 master on a 426 that I have been requested to post on the board. I do not have a personal web page set up on the net. Where can I post them for all to see?

You can always sign up for a free yahoo account and post them there. Just put a link to your pic page at yahoo here on your post.

OK, how do you get the tiny pic to show below your name on the left?

I tried a link to my Yahoo Photos account, but it didn't show the pic, or it said something about a bad file name (or something to that effect).


no idea, edit your profile on the home page? Heck I can't even get a pi posted on the board.


If you're going to link to a Yahoo account, you have to make your Yahoo folder (album) public. If not, we can't see the photo.


DonW, did you make that picture Public Or Private? It wants me to sign in.

The File You Are Looking For Is Inaccessible.

Please sign in and try again or check with the owner of the file.

That works!!!

There you go!

To get the pic under your name, the pic needs to be on a web site- Yahoo! and Geocities (as well as most other free servers) won't allow remote links. A former TT'er EGO hosted my pic for me. I'm sure there is someone on the board who would be willing to host pics for you, if not go over to All Things Moto and shoot egoallenpoe393 a PM, he'd probably be glad to help you out.

Well, that link didn't work: "image not available", but I did find the "Bosely Hair Restoration" ad kinda depressing... :)

Try this one.

Bike Stuff

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