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Project Bike...

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Here's a fun question...

You just won the lottery and you want the most awesome RFS known to man. Where would you go and what would it look like?

Well, I did not win the lottery, but I turned 40 last year and I am wondering if I can use this mid-life crisis thing to justify building the ultimate RFS. I will probably have to sell my other bikes and dip into the life savings to help pay for it, but hey, it's better than buying a new corvette and wearing gold jewelry around my neck, right?

Here's my goal. Like any loyal ThumperTalk rider, I am true to the 4-stroke, but the weight issue has to be addressed. I want to build a reliable RFS Enduro bike that weighs in somewhere around that of a competitive 2-smoke. Starting off, I have to compensate for values and e-start. Perhaps I can get BBR to get me into an aluminum frame - not even sure if that is the best approach. Beyond the other standard drill items with the Ti-exhaust and few little things, what other options do I have? My 41st birthday is in August, so my goal is to be done by then, unless the wife throws cold water on my project, which I doubt.

What do you say guys? :)

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