Promoto Billet Kickstand for the YZ

After waiting 7 days for delivery, I finally got my new PMB Kickstand. The quality and worksmanship is first rate, however I do have one gripe. The angle of the stand is so steep that I cannot stand on the pegs to kick my YZ over without it falling towards the right side. Additionally I installed a WR overflow bottle, due to overheating issues during muddy Harescramble events and the foot hits the bottle like the WR kickstand does. But a little trim with the dremel tool fixed that. The steep angle of the stand is the most troublesome issue because the bike stands "Straight up" and will fall over to the right without much of a bump.

Bonzai :)

The reply from PMB concerning my concern:

Thanks for asking your local shop to become a dealer for us! We do appreciate your business.

As for wanting to kickstart the bike while the stand is down, we do not reccomend doing this. There is simply too much stress on the kickstand leg when a person 150-200 lbs. is on on 230lb bike kicking and trying to get it to start. The kickstand might work for a while when using it to start the bike, but it will eventually bend the leg.

We have made the length of the kickstand so that it will work on all the different models of YZ's. Some are a little shorter and some are a little taller, also each customers suspension setting come into play with the hight of the bike. So we had do settle on the middle range so that it would fit on all the bikes.

I hope I don't sound like I am making up excuses! I want each customer to be happy with our products. If there is anything that we can do to help you please get back with me.

Thank You,

Sounds like legit reasoning on their part, but I can see your frustration. A good gust of wind or a bump and it's over... :)

I'm not sure how it mounts, but can you bend the mounitng brackets or somehting just slightly so it doesn't screw up the looks, but gives it a little more angle? Then again, that would put that much more pressure on it if you use it while starting... I've never used my kickstand while starting-just don't trust it enough

I have one on my 00 426 and when I first got it, it stood up pretty straight too but one I started it a few times it bent a little bit and now I see why they say not to kick on it. I got lucky and didn't break it. I think they should include a warning on the stand itself against kicking on it cause in a recent test article in a dirt rag they said it was beefy enough to kisk on it. When I checked my sag it was off so maybe you should check yours too, when mine was right the kickstand worked like it was supposed to. By the way, once its bent, it doesn't want to tuck in behind the side plate anymore, it hits the bottom of it. I bought the kickstand to make it easier to start when flooded after a fall when there wasn't a tree nearby, scratch that.

Kazi, stop drinking that coffee, it stunts your growth! :) Good luck at the GNCC's...

This is what I just bought from the TT shop>> (Trailtech) YZ Kickstand - Built to take serious punishment Price$79.95

The YZ kickstand mounts from the chain roller bolt and the sub frame bolt. Installation takes less than 5 minutes. To allow for standing on the bike while kicking, the pivot plate is made from heat treated Chromoly. To prevent kickstand breakage and keep the package light, the kickstand is made from heat treated 7075 aluminum alloy.

This kickstand fits all 1998-2003 YZ's EXCEPT '02 and '03 YZ250.

This was copied right from the shop page, and they say you can start your bike on the stand. Save money, support TT and get a quality kickstand all at one time, and it was shipped the very next day to. THANX! again Bryan


I have one on my 03 YZ450F and it doesn't seem to stand up that straight. It least its not as flimsy as a stock KTM stand. The first time I used my KTM 300 EX/C stand it sunk a little into the mud at the Hollister National and they sheered the bolt and the bike fell over it a trailer and put a huge gash in my Scott's dampener. Sold the bike, but still got the damener, and every time I see that gash, I wonder what they were thinking when they designed that kickstand?

I think the PMB is the best kickstand I've used. The Husky ones would be second (springs fade after a while and it doesn't work as good, plus I never liked the auto up feature. In shop on wrong side of bike, adjust it, and the kick stand goes auto up on you??)

I've got the PMB stand too, it was for my gf's yz250f. After sending the suspension for lowering the side stand was still to long. I send it in for a 2 inch trim and will get it back sometime next week. I'll post a picture of it once i recive it back.

I'd love to see that kickstand on a bike. Both brands would be nice actually. Thanks guys.

I'd love to post a pic of my TrailTech stand on my bike, but the pivot bolt broke last night and the stand fell off on the ground.

Maybe I tightened it too tight or something... I've been very happy with the stand since i got it a few months ago. I actually started the bike while the stand was down - which I never ever do, and it snapped like a twig.

I was going to try to get them to send me a free bolt, but rather than bother with the hassle I just spent $4.95 and ordered another. I'm sure it was just a faulty part and not par for the course.

I will still recommend their kickstands to people as it's a great product.

And it's half the cost of the PMB one.

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