Oil getting past decompression plug hole after hotcams mod

Did the hotcams mod and plugged the decompression hole with one of the plugs off of eBay. After the first ride yesterday I noticed that oil is getting past this plug it appears. Could the o-ring seal on the head be damaged? Seems to happen after riding for at least 30 mins

Thanks for the tips!

You need to replace the seal. It probably got torn while removing the decomp lever.

I think you take the seal out when using one of those plugs. The plugs use an o-ring I believe. I just got a new seal and cut up the stock lever to make it look like a plug when I did mine.

There are two versions of the plugs made for that hole. One uses an O-ring and requires the original seal to be removed. The other uses the OEM seal as the shaft did. How you correct this leak depends on which setup you have.

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