Can it be lighter crf450

Is there any simple changes I can do to make the crf450 lighter. I just moved up from a 125 and miss the light bike feel of the 125. Don't get me wrong though I love the crf450.

Yes. Very simple, and very expensive.

Good luck, but I only know about Titanium for a weight loss program.

I know your pain though. I raced 125's for 14 years before I bought this monster. Wouldn't go back for anything, but itis diggerent. Were you at least riding a CR 125? Mine was a YZ, so the characteristics were very foriegn.

As a Matter of fact I did ride a yz125.

This may be obvious, but gas is heavy, so don't ride with more than you need.

Change the stock exhaust.

Carbon fiber fork gaurds are lighter, titanium bolts, light duty tubes, no skid plate or wings. I personally haven't hesitated to bolt on stuff that makes it weigh more. I can't tell the difference.

take off everything you don't need(plastic parts and gaurds)and you can cut up to 5" off 02 exaust

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