2003 YZ 450 Cam "Insurance"

Just thinking out loud here...

ThumperTalk is a community, I have seen that proved time and time again. I have seen people in need voice it, and without fail, somebody steps forward and fills the need. It is impressive.

Well, along the lines of the cam switch, those of us that have done it, have done it with certian degree of betting that the slight differences between the cam gear teeth and chain will not grenade the engine. Will it? We don't know.

I am thinking that the high-mile dude, who really pushes his bike, will be the one who grenades his engine, IF the cam switch, in fact, is not 100% compatable. So, the dude who went farthest and pushed his bike the hardest now gets a big fix-it bill, and the rest of us learn from his mistake.

What about this? What if those of us who have done the switch were to throw 10 or 15 bucks into a kitty. IF our engines start to grenade, that "kitty" can be used to replace bent valves, new piston, head (those will kill the kitty~!) or whatever. Once 2 or 3 or 4 engines grenade, that kitty will be depleated, and at that time, if you are still running the cam, then you are on your own. But, if your engine has not grenaded, then you can switch back before catastrophic finacial damage occurs.

Is this worthwhile? Would there be TT fraud? To hard to administer? I just thought that we could collectively make a "fix-it fund" available, just to cover our butts in the event that this modification is not as durable as our machines have proven to be.

Waste or worthy?

I havent done this mod, "yet".

Im not 100% sure I will but I can tell you guys this.

If you decide to do this and have a "kitty" you can put 100% faith in BrandonW to hold your money.

I have never met the guy but having talked with him though several e-mails you get a pretty good feeling of what someone is like.

Sounds like $10-15 could be pretty cheap insurance and Im willing to bet if Brandon was holding the cash and nothing was to happen to any of the bikes, say after a year, I bet you he would distribute the money back to each. :)

I say it sounds like a great idea.

Pretty low premium too!!! :D :D

just rode my bike for the first time since the cam swap. seems great so far (10 min in my yard). If I get one year out of it it will be worth it. My bike is a well maintained 99 yz.

If it doesn't work out that the cam is reliable, we can all just go and have a hissy fit to Yamaha about the fact that they should have bought out a proper GYTR aftermarket exhaust cam for the pre 03 models and saved us all the engineering efforts...

I am happy that the thing will last as long as the 02 cam that was in my bike would have anyway... after 5 or 7 thousand Kim's, I will be replacing the cam chain anyway, perhaps a set of rings, whatever it needs in a couple of years to freshen it up... another rebuild in 5 or 6 years, and so it goes on... My Son will be riding the bike by then, he can do his own wrenching... :D:)


Yes, with all of the overwhelming "support" for this idea, I will now go back to the rock under which I came...


(And thanks for the kind words Darin!)

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