Are Cannondale riders older? What are your ages?

Just curious about eveyones ages, I'm 31.

We are not older :D! Just wiser :D!

42 years wise. :)

I am 34, but still 18 at heart !! :)

Hey! what do you mean "older"? Ok, Ok, I'm 38 :)

I'm 31. Is that considered old? :)

I'm 37 and young at heart! :)


42 and going to have a B-Day in the sand real quick....43 is knocking at the door.



44. Super Senior class in six years! Doing this stuff keeps you young and fit!

38 next month. Boy we are a bunch of old farts. :)

A bunch of juveniles! :)

51 and can still keep most of the kids in sight.

30 here

A bunch of juveniles!

Hey Rock!!! Nice to hear from you again. Well we'll just have to call you grandpa then. That 'Berg come with a wheel chair carrier??? :):D :D

Kerri says hi :D

43 and hoping to be riding into my 70's.

We have a guy that races enduro's on an old Penton and he is in his upper echelon. What a role model. :)

How bout 54 and ticking

50 in June, finally eligible for the 50+ class! :D

Wiser??? Heck, I'm just older... :D

"You don't quit riding because you get old,

you get old because you quit Riding!" :)

38 an still ridin, isn't this great

03 X440 #84

Looks like I'm the kid here ... 29. :)

Glad to see this post ...

I thought i was going to be the oldest at 47.

Now i don't feel so bad. I do know when i die they'll have to pry the throttle out of my cold dead hand. :)

Hey, 34 here.

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