CRF450 - Check your coolant!!!!!!!

Just a warning. A friend of mine has a CRF450 motard and for some reason all the coolant was gone after a recent trackday. He didn't check it (it really shouldn't have been empty anyway, but...) and when riding recently it locked up the motor. Air cooled 450's don't work. The result was a ruined head, valves, cylinder, piston, crank, and all associated parts.

We have yet to figure out where all the coolant went (he was running water and water wetter). Just a note so no once else has this problem. He did manage to pull in the clutch and not could have been really bad.


there is no coolant recovery tank on a stock crf450 therefore the coolant probably ended up on the race track , i have seen some crf riders using the frame down tube as a coolant recovery tank and it works pretty slick , when the bike overheats the coolant flows to the reservoir and as the radiators cool it draws it back in . isn't there a rule regarding radiator catch tanks and anti freeze use for motard racing ? anti freeze is very slippery on a race track .

He has a catch bottle. Guess it didn't get sucked back in. And he wasn't running coolant...he had distilled water and water wetter.

No idea what happened, but his top end is trash...

Ethylene Glycol (EG) coolants (Honda Pro Cool, Maxima Coolinol, Spectro Coolant, etc...) are illegal for road racing, including Super Motard.

Propylene Glycol (PG) coolants (Engine Ice, Evans) is LEGAL for road racing. These products are legal in AMA, CCS and FUSA road racing

as well as water and Water Wetter...but that doesn't raise the boil point.

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