LaRocco's Leap.

check out some of these pics. i know you all seen them. what a feeling that must be . must be awesome.

You might recognize this from a recent Renthal ad. I think the caption was "yeeeehhaaaa!"

Bubba last summer (from


Holy cow! :)

He didn't have to flat-land that, did he? There must be a step-up somewhere on the left, right?

No, that is a 120' triple!! They get 40' high!

thats nothing I did larocco' leap on my z50 and over shot it. :):D :D

Stewart hit it in Saturday practice only. It is a like a two tiered step-up that if you can make it to the top is about 120 ft. The flat part below Stewart in the pic is around 60 feet. That is where all us mere mortals land when they open the track to the public. It is a great jump which you hit blind on way up the hill. Red Bud is such a great track,I try to ride it any chance I get.

i had the honor of hitting that little mayhem a few months ago, all i have to say is it's f*cking crazy, you go from hillclimb to seth enslow, pretty crazy. on my 5th lap around i totalt forgot about it and ended acually clearing it, if not for the pics my injured buddy took i would not have believed.

no, i don't like it, i'll admit it, it scared the living sh*t outta me and i'm never doing it again. everytime i see a video of a pro doing it i have a heart attack just thinking about how i didn't kill myself.

That is a great pic of Bubba...the best part is Bruce, Kawasaki Team Manager, standing at the bottom soiling his britches...wish I could've heard what he was thinking!

120' though, that's crazy, I'd never try it... :)

Remember the race. Carmichael was pulling huge whips over it during the motos. Now that's sick.

That pic of Bubba has to be the coolest ever! :)

someone buy the rapture a ticket up there.... he likes to go big... just make sure any near by barbed wire fence is taken down first :)

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