RM Fork Manual/Fiche

Well, after a million years of searching, bidding and missed opportunities, I think I just finallized a deal on a set of RM forks. I swear, it felt a bit like I was hunting for Bigfoot. Tips, rumours, and unverifiable sightings led me on some wild goose chases from one end of the Web, to the other. Let's hope they arrive "as advertised".

They will be going directly to my mechanic for spring & revalving.

So, can anyone help me with the parts fiche & service manual pages for a 98 RM 125 fork? If you know of a Web Retailer that has online fiche, that would be great too. Again, all I want is the fork section.

Got a Fax number? I'll fax it to you. You want diagrams and part number,correct?

Yes, I'll take all I can get.

I want to know how to dismantle & service and fiche pics & part #. Fiche &/or Service Manual.

FAX in attention to THOMAS SCHELESNY

(510) 649-9399


Toms you should have them by now. Hope they help you out some.

All I got was 4 blank pages on our FAX machine. Maybe you had them facing the wrong-side-up?

If it isn't too much trouble, could you attempt to resend it?

Sent it again.

Damn, no good.

It's MY FAX machine. Test pages are also blank.

Must be out of toner.

Now I'm really gonna push my luck, and BEG that you send it AGAIN, but to THIS FAX number:

(510) 486-0362

I really appreciate your help ... er help again .... UGH! help AGAIN!.....

Sent again this time without the invisible ink.


The FAX arrived, and looks great.

This will be a huge help.

Good work foots :)

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