What do you guys think of PowerSports Pro

I picked up a helmet from them........no problems

easy to deal with. Selection is limited so you have to keep checking with them.And thats not a bad price for Tech 6s. :)

they have great selection in OEM parts. And their micro fiche help out alot.

I bought parts (YAMAHA) from them a couple of times. If you don't mind waiting forever for OEM parts, they are OK. They do not stock any OEM parts so they order and try to wait until all parts you ordered arrive prior to shipping. That way it saves them shipping.

Both times I ordered, I hade to go to my local dealer and expedite at least 1 of the parts so I could get the bike running for an upcomming event! The last time I ordered, I called after about 3 weeks and they shipped the parts next day.

I liked the convienence of having parts delivered to my door, but I won't use thier service any more because usually when I need parts, I want them soon!

Check out the MSR System-X boots at www.mxsouth.com They're made by Alpinestar and appear to be very well made (bought a pair for my son) and he says they're comfortable.



Ive orderd a radiator and shrouds from them. They were way cheeper than my dealer. Delivery diddn't seem to be too bad either. Nothing bad to say about them so far. I love there online microfiche.

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