Yo theRapture!!

What's this I hear about a barbed wire fence?

Are you hiding something from me?


Let's just say Cycleranch is in need of a good fence repairman.... :)

Hey, PM me your phone# and I will call ya.....

Cycleranch is in need of a good fence repairman

You hit a barbed wire fence, and they need to fix the FENCE?!! :)


Cough up the story! Sounds like we all want to hear it. :)


it all started, like most great stories, when Rapture said to his friends at the track "Hey ya'll watch this...." :)

the rest is history

Than give us a quick "History" lesson Loop. :)

well i wasnt there this weekend.... i'll have to leave it to rap to tell ya what happened...

If youve seen TheRap in person you would know why the fence took such a beating...

OK, I will try to answer what happened.... :D

We have a nice double jump that lands into a sweeping left turn, in the middle of the sweeper is a small "table top" with a face only about 2 feet tall, a gap of about 35-40 feet, and a drop on the backside of about 5 feet. When you land it goes left again over a raised hump, so you land smoothly, gassing it the whole time and still turning left the whole time. Hitting the tabletop in 3rd gear pegged out will get you over the gap and on the backside. Most people can't don't/won't try to clear the whole thing.

Well, I have been doing it, it is quite smooth and fast when done right. BUT, this time the track was still a bit greasy, and on the takeoff I stepped the back end out a bit, no big deal, on landing it wiggled a bit and I lost my foot off the pegs as I dropped into the dip at the end. I regained my footing, still in time to make the sweeping turn, but I stepped right on my shift lever and dropped it into second gear, which resulted in a fair amount of engine braking due to the high rpm...

Needless to say at this point the berm was upon me, no big deal I thought, I regained my composure and stood up just in time to blip the gas on the lip of the berm as I took off, pegged out in second gear, off the top of the berm which is about 6 feet tall. Since the berm is a turn and banked, it kicked my back end out @30 degrees and I jumped about 15 feet out and landed on an access road which parallels the track, it swapped a bit on landing, and I got her straight just in time....just in time to smack the barbed wire fencing that runs down the perimeter of the property :)

I hit about a foot to the right of a wooden post, my lower thigh SMACKED the post and I did the sweetest handstand, feet completely straight up, as I flipped over the bike which was now stuck in the fence. I broke the lower 2 strands of wire. My dismount would have been nice! Except for the part where my right arm got tangled in the top 2 strands of wire as I went over. I landed on the OTHER side of the fence and was now looking at my front number plate, with my arm severly twisted up in the barb wire, it was ahh, hurting a bit. :D

Bad bad thoughts went into my head, I was thinking STITCHES GALORE...I managed to use my left hand to grab the wire and untangle myself with some of that "extra strength" you get in scary situations...by this time a guy that was behind me had come over and was asking if I was alright. I could already see the blood soaking through my right sleeve which was mangled a bit, but I had no broken bones and knew I would at least survive without an ambulance ride.

After we got my bike unstuck and went back to the pits, where davebrucas (TT member and aspiring doctor) made me a nice wrap bandage from one of my old jersies we cut up, I was able to ride a couple more times before my knee swelled up to the size of a nice cantaloupe.

So to wind this story down a bit, I have a severly bruised left lower thigh muscle which is funny shades of black and feels like a charlie horse all the time, and a severly bruised and punctured upper right arm. The arm is now all shades from yellow to black to blue, with lots of scabs, and is VERY sore all the way to the bone. My left index finger got a nice filet slice in it, you could see the little tendons working, that was nice. No stitches, just a butterfly closure there non-stop so it can close up on it's own. I also received a nice cut right on my belly, not to bad considering it got me in the "fat" portion, no muscle. My bike received no damage other than a cut up front numberplate and warped left radiator (no leaks). My EGO however, took a severe ass kicking :D Too bad I did not have a vid camera on me, it would have been great stuff!

Don't laugh too hard, :D it could have been much worse if I had not hit the fence at almost a 90 degree angle....talk about cuts then! I got some pics of my arm I am gonna post in a few mins....

Kind of surprising they would put barbed wire near a MX track......buzz saw.....eh?

Say that was your neck!! THAT is stupid to have......mabey on the outside of a snow fence or something, but NOT in the range of riders!

The fence is probably 30 feet from where I went off....not all that close....but still...I was out of control, mostly....10 more feet and I would have saved it...

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